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Prefabricated Hospital Buildings Construction/Manufacturer – The widespread adoption of prefabrication technology in the healthcare industry is nothing new. But a research study by few of the world reputed auditing firms suggest that modular construction is indeed the future, having a huge number of advantages over traditional construction.

First launched in 2018, Modular is the world’s first application of a complete patient room that is built entirely off-site in a factory-controlled environment and made according to client specification, instead of one fixed size. Similarly, other modular units for hospitals are built in a manufacturing facility and then delivered to the construction site for assembly and installation. They are intended for new construction projects.

Hospital buildings that are robust and quick to build

Prefabricated modular hospitals are designed and manufactured keeping in mind high building safety standards. Factors like intensive use, hygiene standards and ergonomics are taken into consideration.

At EPACK Prefab, we manufacture hospital buildings maintaining international standards of construction. We make ICU units, general wards, pathology labs, doctor rooms, OPD units, patient waiting area, OT rooms and shower units. Our prefab hospital buildings serve as a worthy alternative to traditional buildings. We have our own production facility, fast time assembling, with full in-house capability. The prices are also economical.

Role of prefabricated hospitals post coronavirus pandemic

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It is possible to make entirely new hospitals or make certain alterations/expansions to existing hospital buildings from prefabricated modules and placed on a concrete foundation. At EPACK Prefab, we have single storey isolation wards, disinfectant chambers as well as double/triple storeyed hospital buildings as required.

These modular buildings can be used as temporary, portable medical buildings, which are easy to shift from one location to another. This is one attribute which is very useful when there is a surge in demand. The covid 19 pandemic is one big example, where medical facilities had to be quickly built to cater to infected patients. In such times, prefabrication technology comes to the rescue. Being ready for emergency situations with isolation wards, mobile testing labs, etc becomes the need of the hour.

When compared to brick and mortar, prefab hospitals have relatively shorter timelines of construction. This is due to the fact that the structures are pre-engineered – the structural drawing is done and every factor is pre-determined before manufacturing begins. Also, construction takes place offsite following which the components are delivered to the location.

So there is no delay resulting from weather conditions unlike in a traditional construction. The wall panels are made from insulated sandwich panels, which help retain room temperature, preventing excessive heat or cold from percolating into the room. With prefabrication, hospitals can be built 60-70% faster.

The greatest benefits of prefabricated construction

The three greatest advantages of prefab over traditional construction are speed, cost, and durability.


We recently built a 15,000 square ft covid hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in a record time span of 20 days. This was possible through liftable porta cabins which were manufactured at our own unit in Greater Noida and then shipped to the location. Total 78 porta cabins were used to complete the project. The facility include everything from ICU, isolation ward, rooms for doctors, nurses, etc.


The materials we use are reusable, while it is very easy to dismantle and re-build structures made of prefab. So there is immense cost savings in the long run.


Prefab entails offsite construction, which is done in controlled environment, brining about precision and accuracy. The quality is never compromised during the manufacturing process. We have professional teams doing quality check following international guidelines of construction. There is a series of tests done before shipping products to the client site, thereby preserving quality which ensures our products last long.

Prefabricated Hospital Construction

Why choose EPACK?

Our hospital buildings are a complete alternative to traditional ones!

EPACK prefab hospital buildings have acoustics proven design, flexibility of expansion, least sharp edges and clean surface and is capable of taking loads of AC and other equipment. We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing and pan India delivery network. We build for the future, making environmentally sustainable products. We care for the earth and therefore use eco-friendly materials and adopt construction standards accordingly.

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