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EPACK is devoted to providing the most effective high quality pre engineered buildings to its customers in Kolkata. As a supplier, we flourish on top quality, service and client experience.

A Pre Engineered Building is one in which the building components are made in factory problems and after that moved to the building and construction website for assembly and installment.

They are budget friendly and also can be constructed much faster than traditional structures, which is just one of the major factors for its popularity. Also, they require extremely little maintenance gradually.

The architectural style of a PEB consists of a main frame which is made from steel. These are made on a production line in factories and afterwards carried to the building website for setting up. This makes certain that building process happens quicker.

The main frame is supplied added support by secondary frameworks which contains girts, purlins, etc. The wall as well as roof panels on the are constructed from solitary skin steel sheet or protected sandwich panels, depending on the requirement. The applications of pre engineered structures vary. From industrial to industrial to institutional, PEB can be made right into what you want.

EPACK is a prominent pre engineered structure business in India. With over 20 years of experience, we have covered over 7 million square ft area with prefabrication.

EPACK Prefab Solutions - Affordable, Quick to Build and Durable!

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Why Choose EPACK Prefab?

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Best-in-class products at competitive prices

We manufacture best-in-class pre engineered steel buildings at the most competitive prices. The products are crafted from scratch in our own manufacturing unit, using computerised machinery, that requires minimal human intervention.

We have quality team that performs quality checks on every component before packaging and transportation. Manufacturing is done to international standards under the supervision of a professional team.

Every business deal is the beginning of a long-term relationship!

Through quality, consistency and commitment, we help shape your dreams into a reality. EPACK Prefab’s industrial buildings are known to last for many years. Our in-house team is trained is customer service experience, which is of utmost importance to us as an organisation.

We ensure that you don’t go through harrowing experiences of project t delays, cost overruns and end up with a inferior quality product.

20 years of manufacturing experience

We have over two decades of experience in manufacturing of prefabricated / pre engineered buildings, executing large and small scale projects across India. Manufacturing takes place in our own factory under the supervision of professionals. At EPACK, we make it our motto to come up with the best quality of products as per industry standards.

We execute every project with an endeavour to educate, inspire, and impact each customer through one simple philosophy – rapid construction, exceeding expectations.

We always work for the satisfaction of our customers