Roofing Claddings

Single Skin Roofing

EPACK Prefab Single Skin Roof Panels are fabricated from high strength steel as base material with a coating of a high-quality alloy of Al & Zn. We give the surface coating a series of pre-treatments to ensure that they are completely clean, weather-tight, lightweight, and virtually maintenance-free.

EPACK Prefab Single Skin Roof Panels offer exceptional longevity and durability that stand the test of time.

Double Insulated Roof Panel Picture

In Situ Sandwich Roofing System

The EPACK Prefab In Situ Sandwich Roofing system is composed of four elements. Outer Roof Top Sheet, Vapor Barrier Sheet, Rockwool / Glasswool Insulation, and the Roof Bottom Sheet, which are placed directly on site. The main advantage of this type of roofing system is that it allows total freedom when defining each of its components both to optimize their performance and to achieve it.

Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Roofing System

EPACK Prefab is providing a single length color coated standing seam roofing system that offers the freedom to create truly extraordinary buildings.

These roofing systems have double structural multi zip standing seam steel and are concealed fixed with an aluminum clip having 3mm thermal pad to increase weather durability and greater resistance to wind uplift.

Insulated Roof Panel

Sandwich Insulated Roof Panels

EPACK Prefab Insulated Roof Panels provide superior weathertight performance and fire ratings, which makes your building an ideal Pre Engineered Building.

These Insulated Roof Panels are manufactured with profiled Pre-Painted ZInc Coated Galvalume Steel, Stainless Steel Sheets, and combined with PUF / EPS / ROCKWOOL / GLASSWOOL as the core insulation material.

These Panels are available in multiple colors and finishes and can be installed on both low slope roofs and steep slope roofs, allowing for use in almost all projects.

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