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Pre engineered buildings are those that are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the construction site for assembling and installation. These are essentially steel structures and serve as excellent alternatives to traditional buildings.

It is affordable, is lightweight but has high structural strength and lasts for many years. After the components are shipped to the job site, they are assembled together joists, bolts, etc.

The structural frame of pre engineered buildings consists of primary and secondary frames, which are made of steel. The wall claddings are made of different kinds of insulated sandwich panels like EPS, PUF, Rockwool and glasswool. These panels have excellent insulation properties, so they help maintain optimum temperature inside.

The other option is single skin metal sheeting. Both these options can also be used for roofing purpose, as per building type and requirements.

Our Presence in Madhya Pradesh

The central located state of Madhya Pradesh is another major industrial belt. From small to large industries, MP has all the major ones like cement, thermal power, coal washeries, ceramics, etc. This is where our industrial pre engineered buildings  fit in. We also make various infrastructure solutions for airports, commercial buildings, shopping malls and so on.

EPACK is one of the well known brands in the field of prefabrication and pre engineered building manufacturing in India. We fabricate several kinds of industrial, commercial and institutional buildings with prefabrication, with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. Our service and delivery network is spread across the country, serving all major cities, industrial hubs and even remote locations.

EPACK Prefab Solutions - Affordable, Quick to Build and Durable!

Few Glimpses of our Wide Product Portfolio

Why Choose EPACK Prefab?

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Best-in-class products at competitive prices

We offer the best-in-class pre engineered steel buildings at competitive prices. The products are manufactured in our own unit, following international standards. Quality checks are done by a team of professionals on every component before they are transported to the client site.

Every business deal is the beginning of a long-term relationship!

Through quality and commitment, we help shape your dreams into a reality! Our in-house team is trained is customer service experience, so as to ensure that you don’t go through harrowing experiences of project delays, cost overruns and end up with an inferior quality product.

20 years of manufacturing experience

We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of prefabricated / pre engineered buildings, executing large and small scale projects across India. Manufacturing takes place in our own factory under the supervision of professionals.

We always work for the satisfaction of our customers