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Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Prefabricated construction continues to be the pioneering technology that makes green buildings a commonplace. Off-site operations increase environmental efficiency of prefab buildings and make it sustainable. The other factor which had garnered widespread recognition is speed of construction and reusability. Quality, speed and cost-effectiveness is a requirement for both permanent and temporary commercial structures. If you are looking at a prefab commercial building for your business, we are here for you.

Prefabricated modular commercial buildings and portable sales offices continue to help small and medium businesses to expand their operations. EPACK Prefab’s modular commercial buildings let you stay afloat in the competitive business world.

Our superior quality, economical buildings, come with large built-up area and are built to custom specifications. So you get all the facilities you need. we provide a versatile Pre Engineered Building solution for commercial spaces for shopping complexes, offices, supermarkets, retail space, distribution centres, etc. EPACK Prefab Pre Engineered buildings can be readily combined with traditional materials such as brick, stone, glass, or wood to meet any appearance requirement.

Commercial Buildings

We make both temporary portable and permanent prefab structures

Structures that are portable and temporary may or may not essentially be directly attached to your building. For instance, structure like rooftop control rooms, canopies, etc are example of temporary/portable structures.

Permanent prefab buildings have components that are manufactured off-site to get seamlessly attached to your existing building, matching the façade and other areas.

The Benefits of Modular Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

According to various estimates modular prefab buildings can be completed about 50 percent faster than their brick and mortar counterparts. This will not only make your building ready faster but also give cost savings in the long run. An important point to note here is that even though the upfront cost of prefab building may go higher than traditional, clients save a lot of money through faster construction time. To elaborate, a business that has its building erected 50 percent faster, can start operating faster and thereby recover cost. Also, prefab construction being off-site, is not affected by common project delaying factors like labour shortage or weather conditions.

Steel, which forms the primary structure in pre-engineered buildings, is recyclable. Therefore, these type of buildings are sustainable. The controlled off-site production process also leaves minimal waste behind.

The design and construction of modular buildings make them much more flexible than the traditional ones. So it is easy to alter the design, add more floors or rooms, as per your need. And last but not the least, modular prefab buildings have better quality control than conventional ones. Built in factory conditions, which is controlled, these buildings are not affected by changing weather or lack of accuracy in construction.

We make your building a reflection of your brand!

Why choose EPACK Prefab?

One of the most critical aspects of choosing a building for a business is being aware how it can reflect on the brand.
EPACK Prefab Pre Engineered Commercial Buildings have many superior options. Not only it can be painted with the brand colors or even the logo, but exterior and interior cladding can also be added, which help the building stand out.

When you are in need of more space and want to expand, all you have to do is duplicate th design. You wil not need to hire an architect. With all of these advantages, it is easy to see EPACK Pre Engineered Commercial Buildings are an ideal solution for your business.

20 years of manufacturing experience

EPACK Prefab PEB Manufacturer ensures that your commercial building is built to your requirements. We have 20 years of manufacturing exprience in prefabrication having covered more than 7 million square feet.

Large Delivery Network

Our service and delivery network is spread across country and overseas. The building components are manufactured in our factory which are then carried to the client location for assembly and installation.

We always work for the satisfaction of our customers