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Why Construct Pre Engineered Buildings?

Pre engineered buildings are those which have all the components that are manufactured in a factory, then shipped to the client location for assembling. Other than manufacturing and construction, the contractor also designs the building. So how do these buildings differ from  traditional construction? Well, it is the fast construction time that has led to immense popularity of these buildings. They are fast to construct and can be dismantled and easily shipped to another location for reuse. Steel has recyclable properties, which is a boon in this case.

The construction happens fast because while the foundations of the buildings start getting laid out, the columns, beams, wall and roof panels are simultaneously manufactured in the factory. Upon the foundation getting ready, the panels and metal structures are sent to the site and bolted together.

So what makes pre engineered buildings a popular choice? Let’s look at a few factors where these buildings are beneficial to the construction industry.

1. Construction time is faster

Once the drawing gets approved, it is just a matter of a few weeks that the projects can be done. While the foundation gets done, the components are readied in the factory. Therefore, PEBs are capable of reducing construction time to a large extent. This leads to faster occupancy and thus increases chances of high business revenues.

2. Less Cost

Prefabricated construction is one where there is significant cost savings to do reuse and recycling properties. Also, transportation cost can be reduced by shipping all the components together. Thus, the systems lead to cost savings.  

3. Expansion is easily possible

If extra space is needed, it can be obtained quite easily in these buildings. Modular construction makes expansion possible, which are pre-designed.

4. Quality Control

When manufacturing happens in controlled environment under factory conditions, it is easier to keep a check on the quality of materials.

5. Low Maintenance

PEBs are made with high quality raw materials. This include steel for columns and beams nd pre painted sheets for wall and roof cladding. Also, being manufactured in controlled environment, these structures are low on maintenance compared to traditional construction.

6. Versatility in design and aesthetics

PEB systems can be shipped with various types of wall panels, canopies, joists, canopies and curved eaves. They are designed to consist of pre-cast concrete wall panels, curtain walls, blocks, roof and other components.

7. Components and systems are streamlined

These prefabricated buildings are designed and built to completion by one vendor, which ensures everything needed for construction is arranged, instead of having to go to multiple vendors.

Whether pre engineered buildings are the right solution for your business, is a debatable topic.

At EPACK Prefab, we are specialized in manufacturing and installation of such building systems. While construction is our forte, the design and appeal is also looked after by our team. We can take care of construction needs right from planning till execution. We carry with us 24 years of manufacturing experience, having worked for blue-chip companies.

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