Eps Panel

Sandwich panels are made of more than one piece of material, and they are an important part of any prefabricated building. These are also sometimes called sandwich structure composites, sandwich structures, or insulated sandwich panels. They are called “sandwich” because the insulation layer in the middle is between two sheets of metal. The core layer holds up the layers on the outside, making a composite block with a strong structure. Sandwich panels are popular not only because they insulate well and are strong, but also because they are inexpensive.
If you aren’t sure if sandwich panels are right for you, here are a few of the benefits you should know about.

1. Insulation from heat

It is well known that sandwich panels are good at keeping heat in and cold out. However, thermal conductivity is not the same as thermal insulation, which depends on the type and thickness of the material used.

Sandwich panels are most often used in building because of how well they insulate. They help keep the temperature of a room in check by reflecting heat from outside. This saves money that would have been spent on air conditioners in older buildings. Also, sandwich panels make it less likely that mould will grow and that there will be too much humidity because of thermal movement and condensation. The thickness of the panels depends on how well they need to keep heat in or out, how much weight they need to hold, the weather in the area, and the type of building.

2. Fire resistive capabilities

Sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation can stop a fire from spreading if they are the right kind. This is helpful if you want your building to be safe from fire. By using fire-resistant sandwich panels, builders and designers can make sure that both the people working in and the things in the building are safer. But before fire resistant panels can be installed, things like the size and height of the building must be taken into account.

3. Keeping out noise

Sandwich panels are useful in places with a lot of noise because they block out sound. Some panels are very good at blocking out noise, so they can keep your home quiet and free of unwanted noise from traffic and people walking around.

4. Value for money

Insulated sandwich panels are very cost-effective because the materials in the middle are cheaper than composite reinforcement. Sandwich panels are also made to last, so they can be used more than once. They last for a long time, so you get good value for your money.

5. More strength for the weight

Sandwich-insulated panels are stronger for how much they weigh than traditional laminates. So, even though they are light, they can carry heavy loads. This is a big benefit because it would mean buying less of the materials needed to get the job done. It can also help save money on shipping costs.

EPACK Prefab is a well-known company that has been making PUF, EPS, Rockwool, and glasswool sandwich panels for over 24 years. We have our own place where things are made. Before the product is sent out, a team of quality engineers watches over the manufacturing process to make sure it goes according to plan.