Aircraft Hangars

What are the advantages of Constructing Airplane Hangars of Steel?

While steel might relatively be unbreakable as depicted in prominent fiction, anybody who works with it understands that the truth is far more nuanced. In areas with completely dry and also messy climate planes, helicopters are extra susceptible damages happening from dust, corrosion, deterioration, etc.

In the future this can cause permanent damage.

At EPACK Prefab, we make prefabricated steel framework for different industrial, business and various other jobs. Airport terminals are aircraft garages are our speciality. And we recommend steel over any other material for airplane garages.

There is no other appropriate alternative to steel as it plainly delivers the required protection versus all type of weather.

Airplanes are a big investment and also problems can incur significant losses for owners. Consequently we suggest for the reasons below:

Steel frameworks are risk-free

Steel structures can be shielded from the elements as well or far better than any other sort of frameworks that a person can consider. Our structures have doors and windows sealed in a proper manner so regarding safeguard your aircraft from dust, dirt as well as bugs, all of which can damage your aircraft or else.

Steel Buildings are strong

Steel structures form a solid external layer which safeguards your stuff more than any other material. There are different mechanical as well as safety and security procedures which can shield your aircraft in and out.

Spacious and tailor made

Airline pilots and also maintenance personnel like to walk around their airplanes throughout examination or admiring the design.

At EPACK Prefab, we build your hangar according your requirements and requirements. There is enough space inside with area to walk, room for workshop as well as devices and also anything that is needed.

Steel Buildings last for many years

With appropriate upkeep as well as treatment, your steel hangar can last for several years. Our products are considered for its durability as well as aids keep your business going with years.

Our airplane hangars are pre crafted so there is very little mistake taking place during production too installation process.

They safeguard your financial investment

Aircrafts or helicopters, however small it might be, costs countless rupees. Include in that there is running and also maintenance prices. It is therefore important to shield it from harsh weather.

EPACK Prefab is just one of the fastest expanding pre crafted steel manufactures in India. We have actually shown track record for constructing pre engineered airport at the seemingly challenging surfaces throughout remote areas in India.

We have our very own manufacturing unit as well as a professional team to gather your requirements as well as deliver tasks appropriately.