Benefits of Pre Engineered Buildings

While the demand for pre engineered warehouses is soaring in the recent years, a common query still looms over – are they better than traditional construction? What are the advantages of pre engineered warehouses over traditional ones? PEB steel warehouses have higher strength-to-weight ratio than their RCC counterparts. They can also be disassembled quite easily and reinstalled. So you need not invest in building a new warehouse all over again and use the existing one instead. This kind of flexibility is unachievable with RCC structures. So the benefits are numerous. Let’s look at few of them in this blog post as follows. 

Quality of construction

Prefabricated warehouses are made in a controlled and regulated factory environment, through automated machinery. This brings in precision in manufacturing. The raw materials are high grade, sourced from trusted vendors. Therefore, the overall construction quality is superior. 


Pre engineered buildings are eco-friendly and sustainable, since they are made from steel. Steel can be recycled in its entirety. Also, being made in factories, there is very little construction waste left at the site. 


Prefabricated warehouses are modular structures, which brings about ease of expansion, when there is a need for extra space. All you need to do is add more columns, wall and roof panels. Such ease of expansion is not achievable in traditional construction. 

They are cost effective

Pre engineered warehouses can prove to be quite cost effective, when compared to traditional ones. The process of prefabricated building reduces construction costs, labour requirement, cost resulting from construction delays arising from changing weather conditions, etc. 

Ability to resist rough weather conditions

Pre engineered buildings are built to last. Being made from steel as the primary structure, these buildings can withstand rough weather conditions like hailstorm, cyclone, heavy rainfall, etc. Steel does not rot or corrode with time, so maintenance required in the long run is lesser as well. 

Saves construction time 

This is perhaps the most important reason why pre engineered warehouses are increasing in popularity. Compared to traditional construction, PEB warehouses can be constructed in 30 to 60 percent lesser time, depending on the building dimensions. 

EPACK Prefab’s PEB warehouses are one of its flagship products. We have over 24 years of experience in manufacturing of pre engineered buildings, especially industrial ones. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with modern machinery, tools and manpower to handle large volumes of production. Feel free to reach out today, if you have a requirement.