Peb Construction Vs Concrete Construction

PEB steel construction and traditional brick and mortar are two very different methods of building construction. While one is pre engineered the other is done entirely on the job site. In this blog post we will look at the benefits of both the modes of construction and which ones is more feasible. 

1 . The Cost Factor

The cost of construction materials depends largely on the geographical location of the project and the availability of the materials.

Structural steel is an economical alternative to concrete for many building projects. It’s cheaper because it can be made with recycled materials and its labor charge is lower than the lengthy process of pouring, shaping, and working directly on site.

2 . Which one is more sustainable?

Steel is a metal that can be recycled again and again. It has an extremely long lifetime, so it’s worth investing in the material to make sure we’re recycling properly! Concrete also uses natural elements which are less harmful for our environment. This kind of recycling will reduce cement waste. Therefore, PEB construction is more sustainable that concrete. 

3 . Fire Resistive capabilities

Steel is not normally flammable, even when heated to extreme temperatures. But steel can be weakened by gentle heating–to the point of being able to break with a hammer and chisel! This could cause issues like metal fatigue or in structural integrity if used too heavily. To prevent these problems, fire-hazardous materials are required for construction so that potential hazards don’t come into play during design

Concrete has great properties because it’s resistant against heat from burning structures or other dangerous fires as well as preventing damage caused by high winds which might otherwise blow through an area unchecked due to lack of resistance on building surfaces. 

4 . Corrosion resistance

Pre engineered steel buildings can resist corrosion. While steel itself may or may not be corrosive, painting it surely prevents water and corrosion. Concrete on the other hand has excellent corrosion resistance properties inherently. However, reinforced concrete if exposed to water contact can corrode, which can eventually weaken the structural strength of the building. 

So overall, PEB steel buildings offer a number of advantages over concrete structures. At EPACK Prefab, we have 24 years of experience in manufacturing pre engineered buildings. So far, nearly 6 million square feet has been covered with prefabrication by our able team. If you have a requirement, feel free to reach us.