How Much Time A Peb Building Takes

How Much Time Should It Take To Construct A Pre Engineered Building??

Are you going to construct a Prefabricated or PEB Warehouse, Factory Building, Commercial Building or Institutional Building. 

And are curious to know How Much Time Does it Take to Construct a Pre Engineered Building then this blog is just for you.

Normally a PEB should take anywhere between 16 to 18 weeks, right from the day you have planned to do your building to the day it has been completed and occupied.

This 16 -18 week is the time duration for any building which is a minimum size of 1 lakh square feet to anywhere in the range of 3-4 lakh square feet.  

In the case of a smaller building, the time taken should be substantially less.

In the case of PEB, the initial two weeks are the most important.

Because during this two weeks, you need to finalize the shortlisted vendors the PEB company, (the company which is going to construct the Pre-engineered building) and also the Civil Contractor,  because you already have an architect who is advising you so in this two week you need to finalize the GA drawing so that you can get anchor bolt drawing from the PEB company, and you can get the Civil foundations, designed by a structural consultant.

In the third week, you should be able to do a kick-off meeting with all the stakeholders.

In the kick-off meeting, you need to have a PEB company, the Civil contractor and your architect all the stakeholders need to sit down and plan how they are going to construct the building, also they must come up with a project charter which will have all the details, like what are the critical factors to this project,  what are the challenges they envisage and how do they plan to overcome those challenges.

In this document this project charter is ready then you can be assured that everyone would be fulfilling their responsibilities and you can ensure that the project will be completed on time.

The only thing you need to do after this is to keep a review meeting at the site every week so that you are well informed of the progress.

Also during this 3rd week, the Pre-engineered building company starts making the detailed production drawing so while they start the production drawing also the Civil Contractor can mobilize his team at the site and start the Civil works Foundation. 

So this fourth week onwards the actual progress of the work can start both at the PEB company end and also at the site.

From the fourth week till the tenth week the work at the site is being done, the footing foundations are having completed, and also at the Pre-engineered building company end the raw material procurements the detail fabrication drawing and production is completed.

Now on the 11th week, the material should be dispatched from the Pre-engineered building company to the site. The erection of the building should start from 12th weeks onwards and ideally, it takes 5 – 7 weeks for a Pre-engineered building company to do the erection of the entire building right from primary members to secondary members sheeting and other elements of the building.

 In this blog, we have tried to simplify the entire process and give you a brief idea of how the stages in Pre-engineered building construction actually should go about.

We hope this has been useful to you.

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