Pre Engineered Hospital Building Manufacturer

Prefabricated modular construction is a new age construction concept where the buildings are made of modular sections, offsite in a manufacturing setup. After all the modules are readied, they are shipped to the job site and installed on a foundation that is laid out. The final assembly is done thereafter.

In the recent few years, prefab construction has been gaining prominence as an emerging technology that is slowly foraying its way into the mainstream. The government has realised the benefits of this mode of construction and is thus encouraging it for making affordable housing units. Modular construction has been widely acknowledged for its quick construction benefits. 

Role of Modular construction in the healthcare industry

During the ravaging second wave of the covid pandemic, the healthcare industry faced severe challenges to cope with influx of patients. There was a dire need to construct more hospitals and medical facilities. Majority of the hospitals were overloaded with zero scope for increasing operational capacity.  

Building permanent hospitals for expanding the medical facilities is both expensive and time taking. Modular construction is the therefore the way to go. With the government encouraging to ramp up public healthcare, it is imperative to find low cost solutions that can be built and installed quickly. 

Benefits of Modular Construction in Healthcare

Modular prefab hospitals can serve as an extension to an existing hospital. These structures can get up and running within few weeks. Also, once the need is fulfilled, they can be dismantled and carried to a different location for reuse or be sold for some other purpose. In a times of emergency like covid pandemic, time saving is of utmost importance and modular facilities can help save a million lives. 

The other significant benefit of modular construction is that it is highly flexible. Whether your requirement is of a hospital or mobile testing lab, isolation ward or anything else, prefabricated modular hospitals can perfectly fill in for traditionally built hospitals. The mode of construction also ensures that the building unit are lightweight and portable so that they can be dismantled and carried from one location to another as per changing needs. Also, PEB construction is not delaying by changing weather conditions or labour shortage, since most of the work happens offsite in factories under automation. 

Lastly, modular construction technology is eco-friendly. It does not deplete the environment. This is because offsite construction leaves minimal waste during onsite installation. With social distancing being the new normal, it spells all the more reason to adopt modular construction, as the workforce is divided into offsite and onsite. 

EPACK Prefab has over 24 years of prefab manufacturing experience. We have our own manufacturing unit and full in-house capability to execute projects end to end.