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How does Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Make Great Warehouses

Today, if you look at warehouses, you will find quite a majority of them being made from steel and pre engineered. Pre engineered warehouses offer a gamut of benefits, which is why they have become increasingly commonplace over the last few years. These are essentially steel structures which are factory made and assembled onsite. They are optimum in weight, economical to build and last for many years. 

Let’s look at a few unmissable benefits of Pre Engineered Steel Warehouses as below:

Fast and Easy Construction

Pre engineered steel warehouses fast be constructed about 50 percent faster than traditional ones. The whole structure of the building including its size, weight, structural strength, etc are worked out beforehand and a drawing is prepared. The production is done exactly according to the details in the drawing in a controlled environment of the factory. Hence the name pre engineered. The materials are then assembled and installed at the job site.

Clear span interiors

A Pre Engineered Steel Building can be designed without any column support, which is known as clear span. This means, floor space is unobstructed and you can use it optimally for your inventory.

High Ceilings offer flexibility

Ceiling heights in warehouses can be varied according to requirement. This provides added flexibility, since you can add mezzanine floors, eot cranes, etc as needed from time to time. PEBs thus give you the ability to have extra space or install machinery without making any major modification.

Easily customizable design

Space inside the warehouse can be customised. So can be the exteriors – like addition of turbine ventilators, windows, additional rooms (office space, storage, etc). This kind of customisation is not possible with such ease in traditional construction.

Cost Savings in the long run

Steel lasts long and therefore warehouses need very little maintenance over a period of time. This means, you save immensely on the repair and maintenance cost, as compared to conventionally done warehouses. Apart from this, pre engineered steel warehouses usually have insulated wall panels, which help retain optimum temperature inside. Thus, you save on additional cooling costs.


Steel buildings can resist adverse weather conditions like hailstorms, strong winds, wear and team from incessant rainfall, etc. Also, steel prevents the growth of mold and pest. Insulated wall panels like those made with glasswool are fire-resistant. All of these factors contribute towards durability of steel buildings. 

In conclusion,

PEB warehouses made from steel are the best options available today.

EPACK PEB’s warehouses are one of its flagship products. With over 24 years of manufacturing experience, we have made all kinds of warehouses – large and small. These have been successfully transported and installed in the remotest parts of the country. 

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